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Only company in the industry to resolve issues with introduction and maintenance of Metro Ethernet Services to be Offered by MSOs and SPs.


Network Design & Integration

Network Security Services.

Test planning & Execution.

Operation Support System.

Test Case Strategy

End-to-End Service testing, Protocol Interoperability, Services Interoperability
Protocol Conformance to the specified standard or specification, Hardware and Software testing
Hardware and Software testing, Environmental Testing
Network Timing and Synchronization testing,Wireless Carrier Backhaul transport

Test case development

Test Cases development for various scenarios with attributes for i.e.
Purpose/Requirement, Prerequisites, for example entry criteria for test
Steps, Measured Parameters, Expected Results
Pass/fail criteria, Actual Results expected, Actual Results expected


Test Plan Strategy

Objectives and Scope Definition
Defect Reporting and tracking mechanisms.
Establishing KQI
Test Cases development for various scenarios with attributes for i.e
Ngen uses leading-edge technology to power and deliver the end-to-end Digital Audit.
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Experience and Background

VOIP Protocols


VOIP Services

CLASS 5 Services, Centrex services

Transport Services

DOCSIS, IP routing protocols, SONET/SDH, OTN


CALEA, BPI+, NENA and Telcordia based E911 Services


Carrier Ethernet Services

Performance Management

ITU Y.1731, IETF 2544

Protection switching

ITU G.8032, G.8031

MEF standards

Service Definitions and attributes MEF 6.1, MEF 10.1

Fault Management

IEEE 802.1ag(CFM), 802.1ah, 802.1ad, etc
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END2END Service Testing VOIP

Service and feature interaction and dependencies.
CALEA, 911, DQOS and PCMM, CDR , Routing
Routing, AIN services, Redundancies in various aspects

END2END Service Testing Carrier Ethernet

IEEE 802.1ag and ITU 1731 and other protocols
MEP and MIP interaction ,Service interaction from UNI and NNI perspective
CFM interaction, LM and delay measurements interaction, MIB interactions

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